Country: Jordan

AKYAS is a personal single-use biodegradable toilet WITH A SANITIZER KIT. The bag is made of biodegradable plastics, its designed to provide maximum hygiene WITH the minimum material. The biodegradable toilet can be used by both gender and suitable for all ages. Used AKYAS BAGS should ideally be collected in a collection system. AKYAS Technology will prevent the feces from developing methane gas and will degrade into only carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.

Hope in Sand and Pipes

Country: Lebanon

"A space of hope in sand and pipes" gives a transitional shelter for refugees using locally available material with minimum maintenance requirements, and environmental considerations in the design to minimize the effects of the heat in the summer and cold in winter. The material used are reusable and recyclable, and the whole design can be disassembled, transported and reassembled in another place for another use. There is no permanent fixation required for the shelter making it convenient for policies that do not encourage the creation of formal camps.

More than One Perspective

Country: Austria

"MTOP is an advanced training program that offers various workshops, training and mentoring to prepare highly qualified refugees to enter the labor market. We enable them to find work suited to their skills, knowledge and experience. This also helps employers to find talent and increase the diversity of their staff. MTOP’s mission is to make refugees´ potential accessible to the labor market and break down negative stereotypes"

Paper Airplanes

Country: USA

Paper Airplanes uses free, mobile-friendly video technology to meet the current gap in teen and adult education. Our model relies on hundreds of volunteers and free technology to provide individualized instruction. Instructors are trained online and follow a four-tiered curriculum written by our educational specialist, ensuring quality and personalization for learners. Our model has been able to reach learners who may be otherwise difficult to reach, including inside of Syria, in rural areas across the MENA region. Each program matches learners with personal instructors for 12-week sessions, providing instructor training and orientation, detailed curricula, and personalized guidance as the pairs meet for 2 hours each week. Once learners graduate, Paper Airplanes uses partnerships like Talent Beyond Boundaries and MIT ReACT to help provide employment and educational opportunities to its learners

Tech for Food

Country: Iraq and Lebanon

We provide digital skills trainings taking people from having never touched a computer to employable in the international digital economy in 8-16 weeks and connect them to remote jobs through impact sourcing, online freelancing as well as local internships. Our training is specifically geared towards the most in need who often have been out of school for many years, have low English skills and are daily struggling to survive.