• Am I eligible to apply?

    To know if your project qualifies for participation in Innovate for Refugees,please review the Eligibility Criteria and Terms and Conditions. Mainly, your project must be technology driven and addresses a problem faced by refugees.

  • How do I apply to the competition?

    You must apply through our website http://innovateforrefugees.mitefarab.org.

    1- Create an account or log in if you already have one

    2- Select the track that applies to your project

    3- Select the language with which you wish to fill the application form

    4- Fill out the application form

    5- Submit the application before the deadline

    Note that you may save your application answers without submitting.

  • Can I apply with two different startups/Ideas?

    No, each team/entrepreneur is allowed one entry.

  • Can an I apply to two tracks at the same time?

    No, you may only apply through the track most relevant to you. The MITEF Pan Arab team reserves the right to place you in a different track than what you have selected if seemed more suitable.

  • What is the difference between Startups and Ideas Tracks?

    If you wish to apply to the Startups Track, please note that you should be a registered startup, you have user traction and, you have a prototype and a proof of concept, and of course, you generate revenues. As for the Ideas Track, the above is a plus but not mandatory.

  • Do I have to be a refugee to apply?

    Not necessarily. We encourage all entrepreneurs who are developing tech-driven solutions to help refugees, regardless if they all refugees themselves. We do favor teams that employ refugees or have refugees on their founding teams. Innovate for Refugees, also highly encourages the participation of refugee entrepreneurs. However, note that being a refugee or having a refugee on the team does not qualify you for additional score points on your application.

  • If a startup is registered in a non-Arab city, can it still apply?

    Innovate For Refugees accepts submission from all over the globe. However, we do want to see impact created in the Pan Arab Region ideally through the creation of job opportunities.

  • If the startup’s product can benefit both refugees and non-refugees, which competition to apply?

    The core product’s target beneficiaries will validate which competition to apply to. If the core product impacts society in general then apply to Arab Startup Competition. If the product targets refugees in particular, then apply to Innovate for Refugees.

  • Is there an age range?

    No. Entrepreneurs from any age can apply.

  • Who covers the expenses of flights, visas and accomodations?

    MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab will cover the flight ticket and accommodation, lunch, coffee breaks, and on ground transportation for up to 2 team members in the event that they are not based out of the country hosting the finals. Visa fees are not covered by the MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab.

    Other members attending the event may benefit from our special rates.

  • Can all team members attend the Final Event Training and Award Ceremony?

    It is mandatory that 2 members of the team attend the training and the Final Award Ceremony, with flight and accommodation expenses covered by the MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab. Additional members can attend at their own expense. The team should inform MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab of any additional member attending the event.

  • When and how are the semi-finalists announced?

    MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab will announce the names of the semi-finalists on all of its social media channels and on the website. On announcement day, all teams (selected or not selected as semi-finalists) will be notified by email regarding the status of their application.

  • Does the MIT EF Pan Arab take any equity in the winning teams? ?

    The winners of the competition are granted an equity-free prize money, and hence the MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab does not have any ownership entitlements to the winning teams.

  • How does MIT EF Pan Arab guarantee the confidentiality of my business models and that my idea is not compromised?

    All of our judges are required to sign a confidentiality agreement before viewing any of the applications. All information shared by the teams with the MITEF Pan Arab regarding their business idea will not be shared with any third party without the consent and notification of the applying teams.

  • Does MIT EF Pan Arab own the ideas that apply to the competition?

    MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab does not claim any proprietary rights over the initiatives, technologies, and ideas submitted to the competition. All ideas and technologies are the sole property of the submitters.

  • Can a team of 1 member only apply to the competition?

    To be eligible to apply to the competition, your idea/startups should consist of at least 2 team members, knowing that team member profiles are a crucial criteria in evaluating an application.